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As part of our cooperation with Pissed Consumer, it was brought to my attention that you expressed a concern in a posting on Pissed Consumer regarding your experience with our company. Based on your review, it is my understanding that following a meeting with our Senior Area Manager, your employer retained our services, to conduct the analysis of the business. The job of the Analyst is to provide an objective, third party comprehensive analysis of the business to give an unbiased view of its strengths and weaknesses. Typically, during the first 45 minutes of the survey, our Analyst conducts the initial interview with the owner or President of the company. The entire business analysis takes approximately 1 to 3 days. During that time, the Analyst conducts employee interviews, gathers financial information, and examines business operations. By the end of the analysis, our Clients are presented with an oral presentation of the findings, result and recommendations on how to solve their problems. At this point, our Clients have an option of moving forward with a consulting project, if deemed appropriate, or implementing the recommendations on their own. Based on your review, it appears that our Analyst was never given the opportunity to perform the business survey, because of the negative commentary you found on the Internet. The Internet continues to be a major source of information for people. Many people have been subject to what is called 'Electronic Terrorism.' Many large companies have to cope with negative press as the Internet continues to be an open forum for anyone to say anything about anyone they want. The 'Communications Decency Act,' passed in 1996, gives websites almost unfettered immunity, 'A Web Site can publish even those claims that writers know to be false and downright malicious with no legal repercussions.' If you search for negative media, you can find it on most large companies, including some of our nation’s corporate leaders like Wal-Mart, Target, IBM, and even Microsoft. Contrary to your negative connotation to the speakers that have attended IPA’s events in the past, we believe that the presence of these leading personalities in politics and business only reflects our leadership and establishment in the industry. We would be happy to address any concerns any of our clients have with the work performed for them. However, with no identification of a company, coupled with the fact this complaint is not from a client, it is very difficult to address specifics. Additionally, it seems that your negative posting is a result of the negative commentary you found on the Internet, not your personal experience. If you would like to accept our assistance in better addressing your concerns, please contact us at (866) 538-0668.

We had a salesperson from International Profit Associates call us numerous times and we kept telling them that we are not interested. The salesperson on the phone was so pushy that even after we hung up on him twice, he called us back.

Last week a female walked in to our office and said that she had an appointment with the owner. This lady was from IPA and never did set up an

appointment with us. She lied and said that she did set up the appointment with the owner and was upset that I told her that the owner is busy and can't see her. She left her business card and left.

After many phone calls to us we agreed to see a financial analyst who would only spend 45 minutes with us. The owner expressed on the phone that he will not be making any decisions after the 45 minute meeting.

So, a very nice suited gentleman walked in our office and we sat down with him. Immediately he wanted to know about our personal lives and see all of our financial documents. He kept saying that they have an office in our town, but yet didn't know where it was. Things were not going his way so he decided to contact their head quarters and let them know what is happening. While he was on the phone, I got on the internet and he noticed that. He cut the conversation short and told whomever he was talking to that we were looking in the internet. At this point he knew that we were not dummies and would do our research about their company.

If the Business Analyst didn't know where their office was in our town and wasn't willing to give any references for us to contact, why would I do business with them?

I also found this online regarding the owner of the company.

"Let’s face it. What we now have are whores for president. Financial whores, but whores nonetheless. Want more proof? -- read The New York Times’ page one article of May 7th about a company called International Profit Associates. The company’s owner is a disbarred lawyer with a criminal record. The Feds are “pressing a sexual harassment suit against the company on behalf of 113 [yep -- 113] former female employees.” The company is being investigated because of accusations of deceptive marketing practices. Great owner, great company, huh? It must be a great company: Facedowninthesoup received $82,000 from it for speaking at a 1999 company banquet, Billy Blowhard got $125,000 for a 2001 appearance. And then there’s Hillary, who hasn’t yet been but wants to be President. (In the past she was only copresident, sort of like *** Cheney.) She has “collected more than $150,000 in contributions from executives of International Profit Associates, some as recently as September, and spoke at a company event in 2004. As a group, company officials and their spouses are one of the largest sources of contributions to Mrs. Clinton’s re-election campaign.” (Maybe Katie Couric too should run for President, so we would have two female candidates. Couric certainly has the financial greed to qualify as a candidate. Having signed a $15 million a year contract with CBS, she is holding up the University of Oklahoma for $115,000 to make a commencement speech.)

You can see the full version of this article on

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We were in the same situation as you just two weeks ago. Did anything happen afterward?

The only consolation was that we didn't sign up for their consulting services.

But did let them see our info during research phase. If only I had searched online a day earlier...


We too were suckered in. We have sent them walking but they did their intial "review" which gave them a great deal of personal and critical information.

Is there any record of them commiting id theft?

What should I do? They have all of our ssn, bank accounts....


International Profit Associates is a horrible organization. There might be some legitimate consultants who work there and do good work, but for the most part it is a boiler room outfit that sends arrogant pushy salespeople out to small business owners and tries to have them sign a contract to pay thousands of dollars for worthless consulting that provides no value. This company should be shut down.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #78304

i had ipa come to my business and they did an amazing job. i owe 100% of my success to them and the professional consultants and tax people they sent me. thank you IPA!!!!!


We just fired them!!!!! Thank you for your input.

They gave us the cash flow projection sheet of another company. I called that company, told them we had their information, and they just about fell off their chair. They kindly asked me to shred it, which of course we will (all 5 copies). But, if they are giving other company confidential information to us, what did they "give" away of ours!

This was really unfortunate. The breach of confidentiality was very unprofessional. They are gone, after one week; they were walked out this morning. I'm sure we'll receive an invoice in the next week.

We will not be paying it. Any questions you have about this company, feel free to contact me.


It's soooo true...I worked for IPA as a BA last year. After only 1 week I knew this company was a churn and burn company. They only care about how much money they can steal from you :(


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